Hi my name is Vessy and I am the founder of Powyoga Studios. I work with kids, men and women between the ages of 8 and 85 who want to alleviate back pain, recover from injury or surgery, improve balance and flexibility, learn about posture alignment and core stability, stand tall and keep strong for life.  My clients understand the importance of making small consistent changes in their work and everyday lives in order to sustain the work they do with me for the long run and live life pain free. They are the kind of people who invest in their wellbeing and are fully committed to their own improvement and healing.


What separates Powyoga from other similar businesses is that we meet the client where they are and take into account their whole lifestyles and how the external stresses are affecting them not only physically but emotionally. Doing a session once/twice a week and being committed is all good and well, but long lasting results come from our daily habits, so my passion is in helping my clients find ways to incorporate correct movement, posture and practice in their own environment daily.


Most importantly, whilst I take my work really seriously, I don’t take myself too seriously so my clients are guaranteed a challenging but also fun session.

Spine Activation Sequence - Love your spine
Power Plate  - Yoga Hip Opening                                        Sequence 
                              My Story


I was inspired by nature from a young age, with both of my parents practicing yoga and applying holistic healing methods to treat disease. My father trained as a gymnast and specialised in Sports Performance Therapy and was the best in his field training athletes and sports professionals to reach their highest potential. At the age of 5 I followed in his footsteps and joined the rhythmic gymnastics team and trained for 10 years.

Due to the intensity of my training, I often suffered from lower back pain, but no one was able to help me find the true cause of it until I discovered in my late twenties that I have scoliosis. I wanted to understand why and learn how to help myself heal this reoccurring nagging pain for good. At the time I had just joined Power Plate and discovered that exercising on this amazing machine is helping me ease the pain if I did certain movements on it and used it regularly to have a lasting effect.  

 In my search for a holistic treatment I was lucky enough to find three incredible mentors. Dr Elena Voice who specialises in Yoga Therapy and has devoted her life to helping her private clients but also to teach therapists to be better equipped in their chosen field. Dr Smisek, who developed the Spiral Stabilization method, is such an inspiration in my journey to understand my own twisted spine and learn to free myself from this constant pain. He specialises in treating patients with spinal disorders in his clinic in Prague and has devoted his life to train therapists across the world to help others with those conditions. Gee Gahir who specialises in Seasonal Food therapy, Nutrition, skin & bone health, has had a profound impact in my life to seek and develop a better understanding of the laws of nature and follow the wisdom of the seasons.

I spent years in corrective movement training, studying and applying everything I have learned first on myself and through that experience that changed my life for the better I developed a deep desire to do the same for others who are suffering in constant pain without receiving appropriate help that has lasting results.

My passion is to help clients understand the true cause of their discomfort, pain or injury and empower them to reconnect to their own body’s wisdom and healing powers and encourage a healthier and more aligned movement and happier life. With a background in movement and holistic approach to healing from a very young age and the understanding of mind/body and brain connection, I love offering this unique blend of teaching to help you strengthen mind and body from the inside out, no matter what your age or goals are.

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