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Here's how we can help
Small Group Yoga Classes

 Max 3 people per class which is ideal for       those looking to receive the most personal   attention to have the correct alignment and safe   adjustment to go deeper in the postures and   advance in their practice.  


Tuesdays 7pm-8pm 

Wednesdays 7pm - 8pm 

Thursdays 7pm - 8pm 

Sundays  8am - 9am 

Sundays  11.15am-12.15pm

Sundays 3.30pm - 4.30pm 

Private Yoga and Power Plate 

 Ideal for those who prefer receiving a tailor   made coaching session that meets their specific   needs and goals. 

 If you have been advised by your   physio/osteopath/chiropractor/doctor to improve   my balance, core, reduce stress and want an   experienced therapist. 

  If you are working with an injury and would like   help with the recovery.

   If you suffer from a neurological condition:

  • Cerebral Palsy 

  • Fibromyalgia and Muscular Sclerosis

  • Stroke recovery

  • Parkinsons


If you need specific exercises to improve your      posture, strength, balance and overall well being. 

If you are returning to exercise after surgery.

If you are returning to exercise after having a baby and would like to bring your baby with you to the sessions.

If you are looking for quicker results.

Back Rehabilitation 

​If you are looking for back rehabilitation treatment from a qualified therapist because you suffer from any of the below conditions: 

Poor Posture 


Disc herniation



Lower Back Pain

Headaches and Migraines

Flat Feet/Bunions

Abnormalities of Gait and Mobility

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Hip and knee replacements

Arthritis and Osteoporosi


Success Stories

Our 8 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy has enjoyed the benefits of Power Plate sessions three times a week with Vessy since December 2016.  Having researched studies about some of the advantages of vibration therapy (vs. other strength & conditioning approaches) for helping children with CP, we were lucky to find a Power Plate instructor with relevant rehab experience. Our daughter is progressing steadily with her goal of walking independently thanks to intensive strengthening. Vibration therapy is a big part of this programme and also something she enjoys. Our daughter appears to benefit immediately from the sensory stimulation the Power Plate provides!"

Vessy makes each session Fun and Engaging!

KATE- Cerebral Palsy Client

“I have practised with Vessy for over 6 years different disciplines: Yoga, PowerPlate and Spiral Stabilization. She is caring, fun and her genuine passion for helping others is reflected in everything she does. I can say that thanks to Vessy, I have managed to get rid of many of my body prejudices.  Vessy has taught me that you do not need to have a perfect body to get to do all kinds of postures and movements. She has taught me that all you need is will, learning to know your body and to love it with all its imperfections and qualities and then to "manipulate" it to get the best version of yourself. Vessy’s sessions are fun but she always makes you work hard, ensuring that your posture is correctly aligned and helps you to make the most of your practise and to take it to another level. She usually finishes her sessions with some minutes of deep relaxation, which leaves you feeling refreshed, uplifted and reconnected for the rest of the day.  I cannot recommend Vessy enough!”

Vessy finishes her sessions with some minutes of Deep Relaxation, which leaves you feeling Refreshed & Uplifted!

GLORIA - Small Group Sessions for Office Workers and Private Client

"I have been trained by Vessy for the last 2 years and feel so lucky I found her.

As a keen tennis player (and former figure skater) I understand the importance of maintaining muscle mass, bone strength and flexibility. Vessy has helped me improve all three. 

Vessy has trained me using PowerPlate, the BioDensity machine, spiral stabilisation and yoga. I find that she is an inspiration to me and her knowledge and methods of teaching are excellent - from a stiff shoulder to a sore back Vessy can show me how to fix it!

Her attention to detail and posture in teaching movement is first class and Vessy puts her heart in to helping her clients become the best they can be. As a result I feel taller, stronger and grounded with strong and stable core.

Vessy teaches me how to use the breath in all my movements to achieve the best possible results in both body and mind. She is great fun to work with as well as being very compassionate and encouraging!"

I have had many trainers throughout my life and Vessy is without doubt the best I have ever encountered!

DENISE | Scoliosis and Osteoporosis Patient

''Vessy is an outstanding yoga teacher, she gives valuable insight into anatomy and the philosophy of yoga which is both helpful in and off the mat. She has the right balance of spirituality whilst being practical in modern life.  I always look forward to her classes!”  

I would love to go to her class every day!

CARISSA - Group Class Client

“Vessy brings love and fun into all of her classes. I have enjoyed every single class with her and struggled to find a teacher that is as attentive to my practice as Vessy. She absolutely loves what she does which is apparent in her teaching, both in and out of the class!”

Vessy has Fabulous Energy, always Uplifting and Calm and she has helped me Love and be Tankful for my Body!

TANYA - Small Group Class for Office Workers

“Vessy is an incredible teacher! I went to her classes as a total beginner without much interest and she inspired me to keep coming back, totally changing my outlook on yoga. Her yoga flows are beautiful and easy to follow, and her enthusiasm and belief in what she teaches is very clear on and off the mat, so much so that she moved me to go and train as a teacher myself. I cannot recommend her enough as both a group and 1-2-1 teacher.

I went to her classes as a Total Beginner without much interest and she Inspired me to Keep Coming Back!

DEE - Small Group Class for Office Workers and Private client

"I was suffering from sharp shoulder and back pain that had been affecting me quite badly for two days. After a short Facetime session with Vessy, she had me undertake appropriate stretching and movement exercises which amazingly relieved my pain almost immediately. Insightfully, I did not even have to tell her I was in pain, she recognised it just by my posture and facial expression. Our session was on Facetime, so if you are able to see her in person, you are even luckier and in very safe hands!" ​

I cannot recommend her Proven Holistic Approach enough!

WAYNE - Private client

“I have worked with Vessy both on the Power Plate and bioDensity equipment with the goal of maximising my level of health. I found that Vessy possesses a deep knowledge of human physiology and knows exactly how to get the very best out of me in each of our sessions. She is thoughtful and keeps moving the exercises forward so that there is real and measurable progress. In addition, and perhaps even more importantly Vessy is a very kind, caring and compassionate person who is genuine and authentic. Working with someone of her calibre is a real joy. I felt real benefits from the work that we have done and would thoroughly recommend Vessy to anyone who needs guidance and coaching from a real expert.”

Vessy is a Very Kind, Caring and Compassionate person who is Genuine and Authentic!

STEPHEN - Private Client

“I started doing yoga with Vessy at lunch times in the office where I worked once per week. Initially I thought that one class a week would be all that I wanted to do. How wrong was I! Soon I was practising at home and her sessions became what I looked forward to most during the week, which made me realise how much I valued learning with Vessy. One of the things I valued most was her ability to really understand where everyone in the class was mentally and physically to provide the best session for everyone. No other class has made me really think and be more in touch with myself. I have learned so much about myself in these sessions mentally, physically and spiritually. Vessy really challenges you to dig deeper and develop greater awareness of yourself holistically, working with Vessy has been both rewarding and insightful.”​

Vessy really Challenges you to Dig Deeper and Develop Greater Awareness of Yourself Holistically!

DANIEL - Small Group class for Office workers

“Vessy is an unusually gifted teacher and healer!”

She Takes Your Health to Another Level!

SUE - Private Client

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